Drago Corn Heads


Eagle Wing, LLC is a certified Drago Dealer in Colorado, Western Kansas and Western Nebraska.

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We run Drago GT headers on our farm, and in our experience, they are the best corn head in the market for harvesting grain corn.

The head is built to handle general conditions across all farms, however, farms in the west encounter extreme conditions vs. the rest of the nation. Therefore, we have developed some modifications to factory installations.

We think they will improve your satisfaction with Drago GT headers and improve your harvest.

Low profile skid shoes (For non chopping heads only)

These skid shoes allow your head to skim the ground surface and grab low ears.

We developed these low profile skid shoes because we regularly have ears that the tips touch the ground.

Installation time: 5-10 minutes per row.

Online Store: https://eagle-wing-llc.square.site/product/low-profile-skid-shoe/8


Bumber (patent pending)


The Bumber is an aftermarket vertical deck plate replacement suspension parts

Built out of UHMW plastic for long wear, the Bumber will help eliminate sticking of deck plate piston, and also allows plate to slide easier, which eliminates wear on the back side of plates.

When it is so dry that the fine particles mix with grease and gum up the system.  We eliminate the grease completely.

This part will not solve the issue of kernels getting under the plates and stopping them from moving.  (This is a rare occurrence.)

Installation time: 30 - 40 minutes per row.

Online Store: https://eagle-wing-llc.square.site/product/easy-clean-and-bumber-2-row-kit/17


Easy Clean Deck Plate System

The easy clean deck plate spring system allows you to decrease the time it takes to clean the deck plates.  By removing the piston and keeping the spring centered, you can easily blow the cavity out with air.  Also helps eliminate the buildup of dust inside the piston which causes the plates to stop moving.  Very simple awesome improvement.  

Installation time by itself - 20-30 minutes per row.

Installation same time as Bumbers = 5-10 minutes/row.